Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Take Baby Steps

I have to admit this post is slightly different from the context of this blog. I guess I will just change the name of the blog ;-).

I was working on an improved version of a software just like a firefox or chrome is, over IE. It was much more equipped, had all applications required but I just could not adopt it. The amount of change the software had gone through was too much in one go, it was difficult to digest.
I would probably have appreciated a more ‘phased out’ approach.

There are so many products that seem like a clear and much better option but still do not pick up; so many amazing products die soon (and it goes for all categories- software or FMCG).

Most of us who work on making these world class products are working so close to the board that they miss the larger picture.

The latest Microsoft excel is a classic example. It has everything on one click but I spent all my time just locating those clicks. I am so used to the older version that I automatically look for the previous tools. However good it might be, it got dumped within the first 10 minutes!

So next time if you get this burning desire to change everything because it sucks, try baby steps!