Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How to select the right KEYphrases for your wesite

In my previous post, I emphasised on the use of keyphrases and not just keywords. While most of us are aware as to how to select the keywords, selecting keyphrases is not that different either!

First step: Make a list of all the keywords the Google adwords tool. What words people use to search for your business (trust me you'll be surprised!).

Second Step: Go back and put in writing the USP of the company. Is it providing affordable solutions, or world class solutions, or something that is convenient and easy to use?

Third Step: Using your brains and brainstorming. Using the keywords and the USP, ask yourself, if I were looking for XXX product that was affordable, what would I type in the Google toolbar?? Do the same with people around you and arrive at a laundary list which you trim to the best possible and use!

Simple isn't it?

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