Friday, April 24, 2009

Analytics and SEO – A must infinite loop!

For sometime I have been stressing on how SEO and Web Analytics complement each other. It’s like a never ending loop! The loop could differ for a fairly new website v/s an old/known one.

Google analytics can help you figure out your SEO exercise and also evaluate the existing SEO with the way forward.

  • The visitors report can help you figure out where exactly are you getting traffic from. Is it search engines, direct traffic or referring sites. The referring sites data can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the ‘linkages’ you made as a part of the SEO plan.
  • Apart from this, it also tells you what keywords were used for the visitors to reach your website. An analysis of the same would tell you what keywords are working and which ones need to be worked upon.
  • Content tells you which pages are viewed the most and which are not viewed at all. A need to work on the keywords or content??
  • An in depth analysis would also give you the keywords for a particular page viewed. In case the bounce rate is high, it’s an indication that the keywords for that page need a relook!

    These and many such analysis would tell you clearly whether your SEO is working or not.
    However, its not a one time exercise. Keep evaluating. Again and Again!

    Are the changes I made last time working? If not, what do I need to work upon and what other things I can take note of.

Would love to hear what you think of this post and suggestions.

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