Wednesday, April 1, 2009

State of Search Engine Optimization in India

It all started with a belief. A belief that Search Engine Optimization is still in a very nascent stage in India.

What surprised me was that there are five thousand six hundred and seven companies offering their SEO services in India along with two hundred and three active forums and what not. Nascent....hah!!

However, a shock on these surprises was that even though SEO has taken off in India and even though there are n number of people offering x number of services, most people have not heard of this term leave alone the thought of employing it in their companies.

Now why is that? Makes me wonder if this field has just got restricted to forums and blogs shared by likeminded people but not the ones who have to actually make use of it?? am not sure..but maybe.

A little of 2008, there is 4% internet penetration in India which means a good 45 million people. 80% of these use online searches i.e. 36 million people (much more than the population of most countries!!). Imagine so many people looking for you and you are no where...not to mention that 60% people dont even go beyond the first 10 searches.

Where does that leave you??

So opportunity galore...

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