Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Higher Ranking to Higher ROI

Let’s start from scratch. Once a new website is in place, you strive to get a high rank on Google and other search engines. Involves a lot of work…but does it end at that? Or goes some steps further…

From Higher ranking to a Higher ROI…

Below is the logical sequence to be followed to get that ROI you had mentioned in your plan to the bosses!!

First - Get a higher rank - more visits
Next - Ensure the visits are ‘relevant’
Next - Get those people to like/stay on the website
And finally – Give them a slight push into the final step! (sign up, buy, register etc etc)

Most of the websites forget to go below the first step. What’s the whole point of having more visits to the website if they do not translate into a higher ROI?

So how do you ensure that the visits are relevant: ‘Britney Spears’ as a keyword on an ERP website would definitely not give you any relevant audience even though it might give you a momentary higher rank!
Hence, this step basically translates into having the right keywords for your website.

Use google analytics to find out the keywords being used to reach your website. Are these keywords relevant to my website or are these visitors coming to something they did not expect or ask for? If that’s the case, it won’t be long before the visits would start seeing a steep fall!! Keep doing this analysis on a constant basis to ensure you have all the right keywords as I also mentioned in my previous article SEO and Analytics-An infinite loop

Now you have the right people who have come to the right website. What if they land on a cluttered page which they are not able to make head or tail of or something that completely puts them off?

You lost the audience…

Have an appealing page-something that the visitor would want to explore.

Achieved step 3!! Very close to capturing the prey..

Finally, make the registering, purchasing, placing an order, signing up etc..extremely user friendly. Remember, people have very low patience and why not..there are 7645362 websites offering exactly what you do!!
Google analytics can help you figure out where exactly and at what point in the entire process you lose the visitor. Use it. Chew on it. Suck it completely before putting it back onto action for the next month’s analysis :)

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