Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Can SMEs in India afford to ignore Online Marketing?

I have gone through quite a few examples about companies using online marketing to connect with the consumers directly. The ball game is quite different for companies outside India where almost all their consumers are on the internet, use it in their day to day routine versus in India. However, I still feel SMEs cannot afford to ignore online marketing for reasons cited below.

1) Expansion to foreign markets easier: Lots of SMEs make products that have demand in the markets abroad. However, no exposure makes them lose out on these opportunities. So as I see it, there are lots of consumers out there waiting to be explored and there is nothing like online media to do it!

2) Be the first to enjoy benefits later: While online penetration in India is quite low, its increasing at a rapid rate. Hence, your consumers would be on this media sooner or later. Its better to enter it right now, learn the tricks of the trade to be able to enjoy the benefits of being first entrant later.

3) Not too expensive: Online marketing is not a very expensive proposition. With a little consulting anyone can start exploring the different media options available, try his own hands at it and get going!!

What's important is that it requires time and patience to see results, tweaking strategy and waiting for results again. Just like any other initiative that you undertake!

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