Saturday, June 6, 2009

Its all about Conversation(S)

My entire experience of Internet Marketing somehow always tends to revolve around conversations. Conversations about life, about products, about companies, about economy, about family, about.....
Ever wonder how important a role these conversations play? As it turns out, A LOT TODAY!

People have so many platforms to interact, to pass on their experiences, to share their knowledge that it has become like a complete marketing tool - The Conversation!

But do companies involve in these conversations or are they still passing one-way information?

If you are a company and feel the need to explore the online space, 2 questions that would tell you if you have started off right:

1) Do you know which platforms is you company being discussed and are you present there?
2) Are you starting off conversations about your industry, your company and your products?

If you are doing both, you are heading in the right direction!!

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