Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thinking of outsourcing Online Marketing?

Before outsourcing online marketing for your company, I would strongly recommend getting your hands dirty once. Getting on to some of the social media like blogging, facebook, twitter etc. It's always better to have an idea of what you are outsourcing. It becomes easier to understand and measure.

Some of the things you need to know before outsourcing online marketing are:

1) Even if you outsource the job to someone, be in complete control. while this is true for all kinds of outsourcing, it specially holds importance when in this case. The company you have outsourced to, would be responsible for content writing and creating your presence on different forums etc. What goes out on the internet about your company/product or what forums you are present at, are important.

2) Higher amount of communication: No one knows your business better than you do. You would know the knowledge gaps that exist in the market, the relevant information that needs sharing and the topics that would generate interest. You have to express your business, how it works, important websites (if at all) etc. Communicate your intentions and knowledge to the partner and ensure there are no gaps.

3) Choose a consultant carefully: IT is ever changing. Your consultant needs to keep up with what's new at all times. Online Marketing requires much more involvement from the vendor compared to any other field. If the choice of partner is good, he would provide you with a great launchpad and visibility on the internet.

4) Before finalizing upon the consultant, define your objectives and how would they be measured along with the timelines. Be as specific as possible as online marketing can tend to get unmeasurable easily.

Once all these things are ensured, you can expect great results from your vendor!

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